Darcy Scott

I’m glad you are here.

Others view you as someone to turn to: dedicated and reliable. You’re a good listener. You often put others needs before yours.

You have high standards for others and even higher standards for yourself.

You’ve accomplished almost everything you’ve ever put your mind to, despite many obstacles.

You have a great life…but you struggle with being connected to the life you’ve created.

You are seeking healing and longing for clarity.

That’s where I can help.

My aim as a therapist is to give you a space to feel heard so you can break the patterns that are holding you back.


Counseling with Connection

I specialize in working with:

  • caregivers : anyone who takes care of others, especially in times of chaos: teachers, parents (especially moms!), family members

  • soul seekers : those who crave spiritual healing, grounding, and more direction in their life

  • executives/entrepreneurs : career minded dreamers interested in sustaining a healthy work/life balance

  • retirees : guidance on entering this new phase of your life

  • people recovering from traumatic brain injury : rebuilding and discovering a new life after TBI

i focus on:

  • creating healthy coping strategies

  • breaking reoccurring patterns

  • anxiety + stress management

  • situational depression

  • relationship issues

  • burnout

  • spiritual + existential issues

  • digital wellness

  • brain injury recovery